Chinese Warriors:  
The Terracotta Army is...

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Chinese Warriors:
The Terracotta Army is one of the most valuable testimonies of Chinese history and the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. The Clay Warriors are 2,000 years old and were discovered by chance from farmers in the Xian region.
The Chinese warriors belong to the classic figures from Asia and set a special accent as a garden figure in your garden. With us you will find different models, sizes and colours. Our bestseller is the standing warrior 100 cm in black antique.

Japanese Samurai Warriors:
The Japanese samurai were not only warriors but also role models for the population. They were distinguished by their unfettered loyalty, self-discipline and courageous, fearless behaviour. We have recently started an samurai figure made of high-quality stone casting.

Fu Dogs:
Temple lions are supposed to keep out mischief and bad influences and are therefore placed at the entrance of a house. The Guardian Lions are always set up in pairs. The female lion has a lion cub under his left paw and stands for growth and well-being. The male lion places his right paw on a sphere and symbolizes the unity and power of the realm.
Protect your house with a pair of our high-quality stone lions. We offer the Fu Dogs recently also as stonemasonry. With this extremely hard type of rock, the artist can work in great detail. Here you can see the result...

Buddhist monks live according to ascetic ideals. They study the teachings of Buddha and explore his life. The monks are usually depicted with a childlike face. The stone figures thus radiate a carefreeness and appear particularly attractive. Make sure you have a Shaolin monk for this relaxed atmosphere in your garden.

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