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Gentle Bali sounds and wonderful decoration for your garden, terrace or balcony with original Balinese wind chimes from STONE art & more

Our Balinese bamboo wind chimes / bamboo metal wind chimes are made in small workshops in Bali. The swinging or rotating elements of the wind chime create a pleasant sound and harmonious movement, making the garden more lively and relaxing. A wind chime in the garden is a wonderful addition to your outdoor space that creates a calming atmosphere. It is also a way of expressing your personal style and preferences in garden decoration. It creates a connection to nature and creates a harmonious soundscape that invites you to relax and switch off.


Bamboo Wind Chimes

Balinese bamboo wind chimes not only have a natural look and are made from sustainable material, they also offer a nice warm sound. The sound depends on the length and strength of the bamboo canes.
If you want to add a peaceful and relaxing element to your garden, terrace or balcony, a bamboo wind chime is a great choice. Here to our top seller!


Bamboo Metal Wind Chimes

Larger bamboo metal wind chimes use aluminum tubes that sound deeper than the thin aluminum rods of small bamboo metal wind chimes. We have models in which the bamboo has elaborate carvings or is flamed with a beautiful pattern. In general, the sound of bamboo wind chimes is deeper than that of bamboo metal wind chimes.

Deployment / Placement

When placing a wind chime in the garden, it is important to choose the location carefully. Ideally the wind chime should be placed in a location where there is sufficient wind for it to move. It can be attached to a tree, post or pergola. To better enjoy the sound, the wind chime should be placed near the seating area.


Feng Shui

The purpose of wind chimes in feng shui is to attract beneficial chi (life force energy) as well as to break up and move stagnant energy. Wind chimes do this in two ways: movement and sound.


You can either order conveniently online or visit our warehouse sale in Volkertshausen, not far from Lake Constance. There you can check the goods, choose your favourite, buy it and take it right away home.

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