stone figures & statues

Authentic Stone Figures and Statues - here you will find a huge selection of Buddha Figures, Ganesha Statues, Moai Easter Island Heads and much more

With our carefully selected garden figures and stone statues, you can design your garden, terrace or balcony authentically and individual. Our stone figures also set special accents in the living area.

With us, you will find different styles from Asian to Mediterranean, with high-quality Italian sculptures. The size ranges from small decorative figures to 2-meter stone figures for the garden.

Buddhist or Hindu statues will bring Asian flair and create a special atmosphere of peace and harmony. Buddha figures are available in many variants, whether lying, sitting or standing and with different mudras. A Buddha head or a Buddha bust is also very popular. Our black antique Buddhas made of high-quality cast stone fit well with today's architectural style.
Besides the cast stone Buddhas we do have hand carved Buddha statues in our product range - true works of art. The stonemasons used to make stone figures for the temples, such as Borobudur, and passed on the knowledge and workmanship over generations. Today the stonemansons work mainly for export.
One of the most popular gods in Hinduism is Ganesha, the good luck charm. Traditionally, the Ganesha figures are shown seated and are intended to ensure happiness and success with every new venture, every new beginning. With our seated Ganesha, made of lava stone,  you will bring the Asian spirit into your garden.

With a Moai statue, also known as Easter Island Head or Rapanui, you can create a WOW effect. The replicas of the colossi from Easter Island bring a unique, exotic magic to your garden. Whether made from natural stone or using the weight-saving hollow casting process, the stone figures are of exclusive quality and made by hand.

Water invigorates every garden and frogs or fish should not be missing from any garden pond. Classic watersprouts are frogs and these fit every fountain or pond. Fish, especially koi or carp, represent wealth in Asia and are a wonderful garden decoration. But otherwise the animal world gives us many motifs for beautiful, exotic or even domestic garden figures. Our assortment ranges from turtles, lions, elephants to ducks and owls.

The materials used, cast stone and natural stone, are very high quality and guarantee frost-proof and weatherproof. All stone figures from us are handmade.

A stone figure or statue is a timeless and unique gift that attracts attention and can have a special meaning. It shows that you have thought about it and want to give something special that will give pleasure for a long time. Stone figures can be great gifts that suit different occasions. They are suitable, for example, as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, housewarming gift or as a gift for special moments in a person's life.

You can either order conveniently online or visit our warehouse sale in Volkertshausen, not far from Lake Constance. There you can check the goods, choose your favourite, buy it and take it right away home.

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