planter, flower pots & troughs

Enrich your garden with our exclusive frost-proof planters and flower pots

Our planter are decorative garden elements and a beautiful setting for fragrant shrubs, green plants and herbs. Planter at the entrance to the house welcome your visitors, large flowerpots planted with fragrant shrubs are a highlight on your terrace or balcony and your herbs on the windowsill are a real ornament in stylish plant pots. However, you can also put your plants in the limelight with these beautiful planters in the interior. There are hardly any limits to your design ideas, because our range includes many sizes, from small flowerpots to large planter, with or without trivets.
Our focus is on high quality natural materials, good design and traditional manufacturing. With us, you will not find any mass-produced goods!

Glazed flower pots and planters from Vietnam - guaranteed frost-proof

Our flower pots and planters are handcrafted using traditional methods and glazed with beautifully vibrant colours. The planter are fired at very high temperatures and will withstand every winter. Top class stoneware!
Immerse yourself in the world of colours and emotions and set atmospheric accents in your garden or on your balcony with these planter.

Flower tubs, plant bowls and vases made of cast marble from Italy

Our flowerpots, vases and bowls made of cast marble stone come from northern Italy and are of the highest quality. The manufacturer has been producing these items for over 40 years. Marble sand from the famous Carrara marble and white cement are used as raw materials. The classic planter or those decorated with antique decors impress with their timeless elegance.


Terracotta pots from Tuscany - beautiful and resilient

The pots and planters come from Tuscany and are made of frost-resistant Siena terracotta. The manufacturer is a family business that has been producing these products in traditional craftsmanship for several generations. The stamp with the manufacturer’s name guarantees the authenticity and quality of each planter.
You will find straight, simple as well as classically decorated forms with us.
Terracotta pots offer optimal growth conditions for your plants. The material is breathable, allowing the plant roots to breathe. In addition, the clay is like a natural water reservoir, which can absorb excess water and give it back to the plants when needed.

Plant pots, plant boxes, flower pots, herb pots and stone troughs made of natural Stone

These products are made by stonemasons in traditional handwork on Java. Each piece is absolutely unique. The planters are either carved out of a block of lava stone (basanite) or are made out of a boulder (riverstone). If you are looking for something timeless and indiviual, this is the place for you. 
You can either order conveniently online or look at, select, buy and take the pieces with you in our warehouse outlet in Volkertshausen, not far from Lake Constance.
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