Sarongs are widely used in South Asia and...


Sarongs are widely used in South Asia and the South Pacific. Our sarongs are hand batikt and consist of 100% viscose. The technique is the same as it was hundreds of years ago and has been passed down through the generations.

Sarongs are versatile, e.g. as a wrap skirt, beach towel, sauna towel, sarong dress, wall hanging, tablecloth, overlay....
Sarongs are often referred to as pareo.

Our colorful sarongs come from a small Indonesian family business in which the traditional batik handicraft has been practiced for several generations. The sarongs are handmade. Our supplier uses high quality 100% viscose. The material can absorb a lot of moisture, is very pleasant and cooling on the skin and dries quickly.

The sarong is the ideal companion on the beach or in the swimming pool. The sarong can easily be turned into a wrap skirt or a beach dress. The buckle made from a coconut shell will help with this.

Sarongs can be worn in a variety of ways. You can find many guides in the web.

You can either order conveniently online or visit our warehouse sale in Volkertshausen, not far from Lake Constance. There you can check the goods, choose your favourite, buy it and take it right away home.

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